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Flight ready, 2 x Camera QTake HD recording Rig with 15" Apple Retina Display Macbook Pro

Editing capability

Mix & Overlay Function

7" Atomos Shogun Recorder

4" Atomos Samurai Recorder



5.6" HD Tv Logics (with HDMI-SDI conversion)

7" HD Atomos Shogun

9" SD Sony LVM's

15" HD Sonys (with waveform)

17" HD JVC (with Waveform)

17" HD Dual Input Tv Logics (with Waveform)

17" HD Single Input Tv Logics (with Waveform)

17" Data Video

23" HD Tv Logics (with Waveform)

24" HD Dual Input Tv Logics (with Waveform)

32" HD Sony Flatscreen (mains only)

24.5" Flanders OLED DM250 Reference (with Waveform)

Teradek Vuer iPad Package (wireless streaming for up to 8 iPads)


Wireless Solutions

HD Teradek 600 Transmitter Package

HD Teradek 300 Transmitter Package

HD Teradek Sidekick

HD Wireless 5.6" Tv Logic

HD Wireless 7" Atomos Shogun

HD ABonAir Transmitter Package

SD NavTech Transmitter Package

SD Wireless 7" Navtech



HD-SD RedByte Down converters

HDMI-SDI Converters

Red Byte Quad Converter (4 cameras)

HD Colour Canon Printer

RedByte Up Down Cross Converter



12v LiFePo4 Lithium

12v V Lock 

12v Anton Bauer

Lithium Ion Sony NP-F Style