RSVP, with over 60 years of experience, brings together two established Video Playback companies, RossVideoLtd & Andrew Spindle Ltd. We're a growing team of 8, with up to date HD video recording equipment, top of the range HD monitors and full HD wireless packages. Please see the equipment tab for a full list.

Based just outside of London, all 8 of our Video Operators have their own vehicle for transport, stocked with everything you should require for your shoot no matter how big or small. We understand the requirements for every shoot is different, so we tailor make our quotes based around what you need. 


All of our Video Operators use the QTake HD system offering recording of up to 8 cameras at once, an integrated editing suite and Mix & Overlay capability. We can record any format whether it's Film or HD.


Our vans are fully stocked with HD monitors, Oled and LCD,  ranging in size from 5.6" all the way through to 32" with almost every size in between! All of our monitors work on both mains and batteries allowing them to be used when no power is available. 


RSVP is proud to offer Full HD Teradek Wireless Transmitters as well as Atomos, Tv Logic and Small HD Wireless Monitors. Our Transmitters are light, compact and have superb range. On the move? Our iPad package lets you stream live footage for up to 8 iPads.


Someone can't make the shoot? No problem. With our streaming packages, we can send live video and audio to anywhere in the world over 4G. Tight for space on set? We have a Decoding system where we wouldn't even need to be on set but could still receive picture and stream it out to whoever needs to see it!